Suzi(e) Q (icehockeyangel) wrote in mdknitters,
Suzi(e) Q

New to the Community

Hello everyone! My name is Suzi,I live between Baltimore and Annapolis. I am 22, soon to be 23. I commute to Towson and I love to knit! I first learned to knit from my sister's stitch and bitch group. THen everyone got busy and they stopped. I was only able to go to one stitch and bitch group. Then I forgot how to knit. So I went online and retaught myself how to knit.
I knitted my sister this hideous green scarf. Considering at the time I ONLY knew how to knit that's what I did, no purling. This was about last year.
Since then I have knitted several scarfs, one baby blanket and one hat. Not much I know. I just get bored with knitting and I will put down a project and start a new one, and sometimes its not even a new knitting project but any craft project.
So yes I love to knit even though it takes me a while to finish. I usually give my knitting creations away before I remember to take a picture of them WHOOPS!
Well yes that was my Introduction. My current project *as soon as I start* is a baby blanket for the people who I used to babysit for. They are expecting a new child, but don't know if its a boy or a girl.
Alright I am done rambling now.
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