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Hi! I'm a high-school knitter from Baltimore City, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any teen-esque groups in the area? I can't drive by myself yet, but any information at all would be great. Also, I know there's a meetup group for knitting, and I'm a member of the group (vaguely), but I'd sort of like to find other people my age....

Anyway, modestly experienced, working on a few projects, finished a pair of glove/mittens and an octopus, finishing a pair of gloves, desperately wanting to start the afghan I'm planning.

Yay fiber arts!

(Didn't see how late I was posting... I'll stick around anyway and see what happens.)
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Hi, not a teen but there is a knitting group associated with JHU. You could always start a knitting group at your school.
Ooh, JHU is good. There is a knitting group at school, but I don't really like the people running it. I don't want to waste a lunch time on that when I could be doing other things (theatre tech.) Thanks for the link!