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hi, i'm madison, i knit and i live near waldorf. which is not near anything. so my question is: are there any knitters/knitting events/lyss/etc which are not hours away from my area? other areas near me: bryantown, hughesville, bryans road, indian head. i'm just looking for something knitterly to do that doesn't take a whole tank of gas to get to. since i spend more on yarn than gas you know....

Hyattsville yarn shop grand opening Saturday

Hello MD knitters.  This arrived in my email and maybe of interest to those of you in the area...  a tangled skein


We've been open for a month now, and it's time for a party. Our "grand opening" celebration will Saturday, March 3.

We'll begin at 11 a.m. with a ribbon (yarn) cutting by Hyattsville Mayor William Gardiner. Festivities continue through the day with refreshments, door prizes--including yarn, knitting accessories, and a $100 gift certificate--and live music.

As an added attraction, the first 15 knitters and crocheters through the door will receive a $10 gift certificate.

We're looking forward to seeing you there--

Cheryl and Larry

A Tangled Skein
5200 Baltimore Ave.
Suite 101
Hyattsville, MD 20781

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Hi everyone,
My name is Emily, I live in Marriottsville (kind of close to Ellicott City). I've been knitting for about two years, I've made a bunch of scarves, a blanket, an attempted top, an almost-finished skirt, and I recently got into socks. My favorite LYS's are Cloverhill Yarn in Catonsville, Knittin Chicks in Mt Airy, and the Celtic Knot in Ellicott City (though I haven't been there since they moved). Anybody belong to any local knitting groups? My friends are supportive but they don't truly understand the knitting bug :)
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intro & online discount yarn question

Hello, fellow Maryland knitters! I'm really glad to find a local knitting group on LJ. I live in Annapolis, Maryland. I've been knitting on and off since 1990, but I always have more to learn. I love the serenity that comes from knitting alone, as well as the community that comes from knitting with friends.

I am preparing to teach beginner's knitting class in November and December. I want to purchase yarn and needles at discount prices for my students. I typically buy my yarn from craft stores, but I want to get the prices down for beginners since I can buy in quantity. Can anyone recommend a good online (or DC-Baltimore area) yarn shop that's reliable and sells Lion Brand Yarns, needles and such? I'd be grateful for any advice or thoughts about sources.

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urgernt question

so i was in a craft store the other day and there was a case that holds your knitting needles when you go on a trip.
I dont remember where or which craft store i went in. So I was just wondering if anyone knew where I might find that? I live in Severna Park and am leaving tomorrow. So i can't be driving all over maryland to find it but I figured I would ask. thanks for your help.
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I'm glad I found you all! I like having some local people to ask questions of. :)

I've been knitting for a few years now and am teaching myself how to knit things outside the rectangle. Shaping is a good thing!

I'll post some FO when I get them photographed for you all.
xmas 2011
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Where is a good place to take a comprehensive beginning knitting class in the Baltimore area? (I'm in Owings Mills)

I can do a knit stitch, cast on (only one way), and bind off. But nothing else. So I want something to help me build on this and not be too expensive.

All About Yarn Coupons

If you live in Howard County (and probably other counties, but Howard is the only one I can speak for), and you have a mailbox, you get Smart Shopper direct mail magazines with all sorts of coupons. There is a full-page ad for All About Yarn in Columbia, with 2 coupons. I don’t have the page with me right now, but they’re graduated dollar discounts if you spend a certian amount first. The coupons expire August 31st.

They’re usually in every issue, so if you’ve already thrown it out, there will be another one around September.